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About Me

Hi.. my name is Donna,

Being organised comes naturally to me... as far back as I can remember, I was rearranging my things (including the furniture). It was just my thing! I love it!

I love the challenge, the before and after, the peace it brings to have a clear attractive space, and especially the ease of being able to function more effectively and efficiently.

I love to shop, and I love to travel. Coordinating travel clothing and accessories, whether it be for professional or leisure, as well as packing for all your travel needs, is a joy for me, and you will have one less item on your ToDo list.

I am list driven, so working on your ToDo list is another delight.

My years as a professional organizer has often led me to work with people who need the extra assistance to lead their best lives, and have things run more smoothly. This helps them to focus on whats important without having to worry about the background noise, especially for clients with ADD and ADHD. I have experience in body doubling and other strategies that can be very useful and productive for those of you who want to be more productive.

We now live in a world that can leave us behind if we are wasting time, energy and space (not to mention money). When organized, you can use your time for more enjoyable tasks.  I can help you declutter, and take care of all the extras, big or small whether you need your space overhauled (be it a drawer, a cupboard, room or whole house), an errand run, or to oversee household contractors. I love everything that makes a house a home!

Imagine what you could do if your home and space was not constantly demanding time and attention... What would that look like?

If you are constantly looking for misplaced or lost items, battling against piles of miscellaneous things that seem to appear from nowhere, paying late fees/penalties, or having to replace that item you know is around here somewhere, frustrated and overwhelmed, take the first step and let me help you Straighten Up!

Find more time in your day to do the things that are important to you:

  • Reduce stress and frustration
  • Pay bills on time
  • Save money
  • Complete that ToDo list
  • Enjoy the space you live in

Live Your Greatest Life!

Call me, and lets get started.

Donna Coveny

Founder of Straighten-Up

Professional Organizer and Lifestyle Concierge


Ph: 214-218-7451

Professional Organization..

Real people, Real experience, Realistic results.


To use my energy, passion and skills of organisation, to work with you on your individual project no matter how small to achieve a desired and realistic outcome.


To always treat you with respect and non judgement regardless of the severity of the task at hand.  To be supportive, understanding, to listen, and take one step at a time to make progress and see results. 


Whether its a whole house, one room, a closet or single "too hard pile" I will work with enthusiasm and draw on many years of hands on experience to offer solutions and get the project done.

What I love to do...

De-clutter and organize your home

Wardrobe Makeovers and Travel Packing

Personal Shopping and Gift Wrap

 Complete Your TO DO list


Donna's enthusiasm is contagious.

"Thank you...You have no idea how much the amazing work you did means."

                                                  Christie. C 

She changed my life!

                                                    -Scott S.


(Stay tuned, I'm still under construction)


Call or email us with any questions you may have.

Although based in Texoma, north of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, I love to travel the continental USA to help my clients.

To date I have helped clients located in Chicago Illinois, Seattle Washington and Willets California. 

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